Our Culture

Musicall Advanced Academy for the Performing Arts’ pedagogical design will create a cultural ecosystem with the adequate implementation of an arts-integrated curriculum to facilitate and encourage academic expansion, where students will achieve higher-order thinking skills such as critical thinking, analysis, verbal and written communication, and to guarantee faculty development and promote parents’ engagement. Musicall Advanced Academy for the Performing Arts will provide students with a positive, structured environment that supports them academically and intentionally gives them the skills and knowledge they need to become leaders of their own educational experience.

MAAPA will deliver a positive and safe environment, where leaders and teachers welcome each other, call students by their name, and know about their skills and aptitudes, likes, and dislikes, prioritizing learning and academic excellence. Clear and powerful messages of high academic participation, inclusive education, and behavior expectations will guide the school’s culture. Teachers and staff will be committed to promoting MAAPA’s culture through clear and logical behavioral management structures and character development. MAAPA’s families will support the school by engaging in their students’ education and community.