Musicall Advanced Academy for the Performing Arts will operate to achieve high-performing schools standards as designated by the FLDOE specified in F.S. 1002.331. The school will run an educational program that will integrate the most excellent principles in all Academic Disciplines, Music Education, and Performing Arts to provide a robust and balanced curriculum aligned to the Florida Standards and make our School the first of its type with a unique and innovative program at Local and State levels. Arts integration into Academics guarantees, among many other benefits, to reach students who might not otherwise be engaged in classwork and will dramatically increase students’ active learning. The school will present adequate training for state assessments, improve the school-home relationship, and meet the student population’s individual needs while promoting our mission. The school will be equipped with the latest technology classrooms and gather a highly qualified team of teachers, developing a wholesome educational setting where children acquire a permanent knowledge and learning style to succeed in their future endeavors.

Our plans cover

  • Low-performing students (e.g., interventions, after-school programs)
  • Special needs such as ESOL, ESE
  • Advanced academic actions for advanced learners (e.g., advanced courses, enrichment programs)